We understand the journey that’s ahead of you, and we know you deserve access to as many resources as possible to help lead you to financial freedom. We believe that every client benefits when their financial advisor, CPA and estate-planning attorney work together as a team. We bring together the right people and resources for you to achieve financial freedom.


our team

Our most important resource is our team, which has a combined total of over 100 years in the industry. From our experienced financial planners to our client relations department, each and every member of our team plays a specific role in providing you with an excellent client experience in addition to helping you reach your goals. We pride ourselves in a high-touch process, so clients can expect to hear from us as frequently as they wish.


Exclusive Institutional investment solutions

Peavine Capital.  Big brokerage firms rely on mutual fund families to manage the investment risks and generate returns. Cornerstone prefers a personal, outsourced approach for the investment management solution. Our investment solutions are resources that investors can not access anywhere else. We have an exclusive relationship with Peavine Capital, a leading institutional investment management firm based in Reno, NV.


Your assets are safeguarded

Fidelity. As a fiduciary, we will work in your best interest. For this reason, we have selected Fidelity as the custodian.  This means we don’t keep custody of your assets. Instead, we have chosen what we have found to be the best in the industry to hold our clients’ assets.


24/7 access to your information

Envestnet. In the investment world, the execution, reporting and implementation functions are largely overlooked. Efficient trade execution and reporting services makes our job of servicing our clients easier. With over one trillion dollars in assets, Envestnet gives you round-the-clock access to your information.