Who is the ideal client for Cornerstone?

The wealth management industry often adds to life’s complexities to validate their fees. Our ideal clients are those individuals who want to simplify their lives with high-value, trusted professionals. We are a trusted partner on your life’s journey, someone who always has your best interest in mind and navigates you through life’s changes. If you are searching for a high-service, high-value, high-touch firm to help lead you on this journey, then The Cornerstone Way is the way for you.


What can clients expect from Cornerstone?

1. Communication. As in any new relationship, the development phase can come with anxieties of the unknown, but as any leader would say, communication is key to building a strong foundation, and that is exactly how we start our process. We want to hear your goals, and we want to hear your concerns. We will listen to what is important to you in developing your plan to maintain the lifestyle you enjoy with the resources you have.

2. Diagnosis. We will take all of this information and go to work. An income, investment, risk and tax analysis will be done so when we meet again you will be able to see if your current story is unfolding as you would like it to be. 

3. Implementation. We will work with you during your transfer of the investment management solutions. We will finish detailing your income and tax plans in the short term and prepare all five facets of your comprehensive wealth management design for the long term.

4. Ongoing, High-touch Relationship. We will meet with you on a regular basis because we understand that plans are made to change. We want to ensure, based on your current situations, that the necessary adjustments are made and illustrated for complete understanding. Also, we have tools that allow for you to login at your convenience and review your plans and goals to satisfy your questions as quickly as possible. The plans are never out of reach!


What kind of fees does Cornerstone have?

We offer fee-based advice. Fees are transparent at Cornerstone and are based on the assets we manage for our clients. They are disclosed in their entirety before a client makes a decision to move forward. A key takeaway is that we charge a fee on the assets you have entrusted to us, not on household assets. What does that mean? Other firms charge for the inclusion and planning around savings, CDs, etc. that exist at other institutions. We do not. We get paid for the work we do for our clients.