2018 Tax Event
5:30 PM17:30

2018 Tax Event

Tax Reform & Your Investments

What It Means For You & How You Can Save Thousands


Congress has passed the largest and most comprehensive tax reform legislation in the past 30 years. Businesses and individuals alike are trying to figure out the tax implications and what this means for them in their current situation and moving forward.  Many are asking for the basics:


●        What’s included in tax reform?

●        What can I do now to save money?

●        What deductions are available?

●        What strategies do I need to consider?


Cornerstone is partnering with the tax experts at Eide Bailly to host a tax reform update exploring the key provisions, effective dates, how the current plan impacts you, and possible action items and next steps.


Learning Objectives:


●     Discuss the current state of tax reform

●     Identify both individual and business impacts and opportunities

●     Outline available and lost deductions and improvements

●     Identify entity selection/modification opportunities

●     Review possible action steps


Space is limited. Please call us at 775.853.9044 to RSVP by 4/27

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