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Are you retired, or nearing retirement and looking for the confidence to take the next step?


Join Chris Abts as he shares important information about the latest financial strategies and also how a popular retirement strategy used by Americans to increase their available income during their retirement years is coming to an end. He will address relevant topics such as:

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How might future tax rate increases affect your retirement? Will you be left with enough money?

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Market Condition

How long is the current bull market likely to last? Could we be in for a repeat of 2008?

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Financial Planning

What are your options? Which strategy makes the most sense for you and your family?

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Is it possible to generate guaranteed lifetime income that is both predictable and dependable?

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Social Security

Will it still be around for you? When should you start taking your benefits?

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Longevity Risks

Will you outlive your retirement income? Who will take care of you if your health fails?

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Estate Planning

Are there ways to reduce future taxes and transfer more wealth to your heirs?

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America’s National Debt & Deficit

How will this growing problem likely impact your retirement?