Retirement and Financial Freedom, Is There a Difference?

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About the author: Chris Abts is the President & founder of Cornerstone based in Reno, NV.  He helps people to better manage their wealth so they can focus more of their time on what truly brings meaning and fulfillment to their life.  Abts is also a best-selling author and TV show host of Redefining Retirement, which airs every Sunday evening at 5:30pm on KTVN Channel 2.

The typical retirement now lasts about thirty years.  This means you can expect to spend about a third of your life either reaping the rewards of financial independence, or instead, you can spend that time worrying about running out of money and the regrets that go along with it.

Unfortunately, there is a difference between retirement and financial freedom, and not everyone makes this transition successfully.  According to a recent study by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, 41 percent of baby boomers expect their standard of living to fall in retirement.

In my experience, I find that while every retiree’s dreams are different and unique, they all share three commonalities: They want to preserve their principal, they want to take some income, and they still want to grow their portfolio in a smart manner.  After countless hours of listening to people work through their retirement dreams, goals and concerns, and hearing questions such as, “How much can I realistically withdraw from my portfolio?” It’s no surprise that proper planning requires a shift in how you view your investment and income portfolio.

I would like to introduce my new book, Your 2017 Guide to Maximizing Your Income in Retirement.  If your goal is to retire sooner, stay retired, or if you simply want to live your best life in your retirement, then you absolutely need to read this book.

You’ll learn the 10 retirement pitfalls you will want to avoid that earlier generations never had to consider.  I’ll share three simple questions you should ask yourself before you make any decisions about structuring your income plan.  Also, you’ll learn three proven strategies to create sustainable retirement income, as well as the facts you need to know to properly plan for future health care costs.  Plus, I’ll share with you the 4 most common mistakes you’ll want to avoid when maximizing your Social Security benefits.

This book is free for you. I want to offer you and your family the education you need to retire well and live the life you have always envisioned after retirement. Please visit our website to request your free copy of Your 2017 Guide to Maximizing Your Income in Retirement.

Based in Reno, NV, Cornerstone is for individuals and families looking to create and grow wealth, protect and preserve their life savings, and plan for the distribution of their estate in a tax-efficient manner through a tailored strategy. Schedule a time to discuss your financial goals with us.

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