Is the Mutual Fund Marketplace Broken?

Do you have mutual funds in your portfolio? If so, are you aware of both the implicit AND explicit fees you may be paying? Many share classes exist simply to hide fees paid by mutual funds to brokers in exchange for giving them business. Did you know the explicit cost of the sales commission does not appear on an investor’s statement? Many investors are unaware these explicit fees even exist and the impact this may have on their portfolio and how their money is being invested.

The mutual fund industry creates ways to hide fees, one in particular you may have heard of is called the 12(b)-1 fee. This fee not only pays at the time of sale, but pays continuously until the share is sold. This fee is paid from the mutual fund company to the broker. Even though this is explained in the disclosure of the mutual fund prospectus, often times it is missed, and I believe you deserve transparency and should be aware of the fees you are paying.

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