Is Your Portfolio Built to Your Needs?

Your retirement represents your lifestyle. You have worked hard during your working years to reach retirement and more than likely, your number one concern is making sure the money you have saved lasts as long as you do. You deserve to have a personalized investment plan built to your needs and wants, and have the confidence you can attain the lifestyle you desire.

So, my question to you: Is your advisor a framer or a real craftsman of your financial house? Meaning, does your advisor make the standard cuts and provide you with “one-size fits all” investments built upon a random selection of mutual funds without a design? Or, does your advisor take the time to customize your portfolio to make it as optimal and efficient as possible to meet your needs? If you are not sure, maybe it is time for a second opinion?
Building portfolios to meet our clients' goals through proper risk management is important to us. Education our clients on changes made to their portfolios, along with discussing recent market conditions is equally important to us and this is something we will be discussing at our Client Investor Meeting next week.