Is the Long-Awaited “Correction” Approaching?

Image result for wall stOver the past 10 years, we have seen only one negative year in US Markets, which of course was 2008. This data tells us we can expect a down year about 30% of the time and we know that a market correction may be coming soon. How soon and how bad will it be? With the market being down the past three days, is a bear market on the rise?
For the past six years, we have experienced market growth and in a recent article, Cantor Fitzgerald states how they cannot find a single reason that the bull market can continue. The article is titled “5 Reasons Being Bullish on Stocks Is ‘Almost Impossible’”. Below are the 5 reasons:
  • The Fed is likely to raise interest rates this Summer.
  •  Both large cap and small cap stock prices are high.
  • Global growth continues to drag.
  • Geopolitical instability keeps building in Greece, Ukraine and Europe.
  •  Commodities are becoming more volatile.

For a Wall Street firm, Cantor Fitzgerald is so bearish and are taking an unusual step, recommending you sell out of stocks or at least hedge your stock positions.  Is Cantor Fitzgerald right? Only the future will tell.