Is Every Investment Prediction “Just a Guess”?

I wanted to share with you a recent article I read that highlights a very important message when it comes to investing: Nobody knows what the market is going to do. Even the most sophisticated and talented market players in the world who have decades of experience cannot predict how the market is going to perform. However, an investment strategy that I find to be effective and may help to save you money on fees and mistakes is indexing. 

Clients, many of you are aware of our recent partnership with Ken Lambert, and this is a strategy that he uses. For those of you who do not know Ken, he has two decades of investment experience and manages the $34 billion State of Nevada Public Employees Retirement System, one of the largest institutional portfolios in the country. Clients, by now you should have received our Quarterly Mailed Newsletter and saw that we are hosting an exclusive client event where you will get to meet Ken and learn more about his investment philosophy and strategies and we look forward to seeing you at this event.
No one really knows what the market is going to do and every market outlook is really “just a guess”. What if interest rates rise or we have a global slowdown? Do you know how your portfolio would perform? Is your current risk exposure aligned with your risk comfort level? If you are unsure, I recommend having a stress test done. You are welcome to give our office a call (775) 853-9033 and speak to one of retirement planning specialists today.