What Does Tony Robbins Know About Investing That You Don’t?

More than likely, you have heard of Tony Robbins. However, for those of you who are not familiar, Tony is a personal life coach, self-help author, and entrepreneur and he is most famous for selling his self-help programs to millions through TV infomercials. You may be wondering what a “self-help guru”, such as Tony, knows about investing. A couple years ago, Tony decided he wanted to learn the secrets of investing like the Billionaires do and he went out and interviewed them. Everything that Tony learned he shares in his new book, and MarketWatch published a short synopsis of some of the key points Tony uncovered.
Below are some of the key points on successful investing that Tony divulges in his new book and I wanted to share them with you:

  • Don’t lose money. Billionaire investors focus on not losing money over everything else.
  • Risk a little to make a lot. Look for the home run, but only do it with a small amount of your portfolio.
  • Anticipate and diversify. Educate yourself so you can be knowledgeable, and when the moment is there, strike! But make sure you diversify as billionaire investors always assume that they will be wrong.
  • You are never done. Billionaires continue to learn and never stop. You should do the same.

As you plan for your financial security and get closer to retirement, you transition from growth and accumulation to income preservation. We believe that education is crucial to successful financial planning and the key is to learn the questions to ask and the problems to solve before you move forward and make any financial decisions. I encourage you to tune into this Sunday’s show at 5:30pm on Channel 2 News as we cover five critical questions to ask your financial advisor before following their recommendations.

To read the above referenced article from MarketWatch, click here