Don’t wait for it to be too late!

There are threehundred thousand Baby Boomers per month set to retire until 2029, that’s approximately ten thousand a day. Even here, in Nevada, our population of 65 and over is expected to grow to 25% by 2030. So, what happens when they start pulling money out of their portfolios instead of putting money into their portfolios?  How is that going to affect YOU and YOUR retirement savings? 

Big time shifts in our demographics like the boomers retiring and things we cannot control,  like China’s Economy, Inflation, Deflation, Obamacare – succeeding, or failing, all have one thing in common.   

Every one of those items represents an economic event, that, if it were to occur, would have a significant impact on your portfolio's value.  That’s right, your life savings are often positively affected, or negatively affected, based upon circumstances under which you have no control.  But you know what you do control?  You do control your ability to find out how these events may affect your portfolio BEFORE they happen.  And, you control your ability to take steps to protect yourself, before they happen. 

Often times, we get caught off guard if we don’t plan ahead. The markets have been doing well, your portfolio is up, and everybody is happy.  The problem is, that’s usually when you get caught off guard. Something outside your control happens and the next thing you know, your portfolio is down 30 - 40%.  It happened in 2001, it happened in 2008, and it happened in 1987.  It’s happened time after time in the past, but we always seem to forget that.  Often times, we wait till it’s too late.  Don’t wait for it to be too late!
Here at Cornerstone Retirement Group, we have tools that we use every day to help people just like you to take a hard look at all of these economic events that are happening in the world to determine whether they will help you or harm you with your specific portfolio, and to help you re-arrange your portfolio, so that when these events happen, you get the outcomes you want.  
Is it time to stress test your portfolio?  You can stress test your portfolio against events that you believe are likely to occur so that you are protected before they happen, not after. 

If you would like to see a real life example of a portfolio stress test, tune into Redefining Retirement this Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

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