Corporate Insiders, Are They Right Again?

We haven't seen a bear market in 5 years now, and many believe it is coming.
Recent discussion from Market Watch on Corporate insiders being as pessimistic as they were just before the 2008 market meltdown, the same executives selling their own company stock like crazy near the end of 2007, are selling at the same rate they were then. But does this necessarily mean they are right again?   

Who knows more about what is happening to a company than the executives of that company? 
Given this thought, should we pay attention to whether this group of people are buying or selling their own company stock?
If they are right again, will the market crash like it did in 2008?
And when exactly will this potential upcoming crash happen?
Unless you have a working crystal ball that accurately shares the future, these are all questions with answers that are unknown.  We can only guess.
My recommendation is that you pay attention and have a plan. If it is time you put plan in place (or review your current plan), call us at (775) 853-9033. 
Chris Abts