Blockbuster is closing down... And What does this mean to you?

DISH owner of blockbuster announced that it is closing down Blockbuster –

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At one time, "the video chain was the colossus of the movie-rental business, with stores in seemingly every city shopping district and suburban strip mall in America"

This clearly represents the end of an era. 

"Then along came Netflix and Redbox used the slim size of DVDs to their advantage. And finally, Hulu was launched, and your average Joe and Josephine were introduced to Cloud Media" which all slew Blockbuster in a very short period of time.

So, what happened to Blockbuster?

It was the same thing that happened to the Sony Walkman with the Apple Ipod.  An industry busting idea came along and the “old school” way of thinking was so ingrained that the powers that be didn’t recognize that they were being replaced, and replaced quickly.  By the time they figured it out, they were too late.

When it comes to the financial world, things are changing everyday, so rapidly.  Just like Blockbuster, the big Wall Street machine is seemingly on top of the world.  They aren’t without their problems, of course, but they sure do seem to be in control.

Yet, the army of baby boomers entering retirement want to turn their portfolios into reliable and sustainable income.  This is something that Wall Street can't always provide.

Yet throughout America, we see thousands of independent financial firms who specialize in turning portfolios into income.  These advisors are there to serve the needs of the retiring boomers.

There may be a major shift in where you go to get financial advice, away from Wall Street and towards the Main Street retirement advisor.  It’s happening now!

It’s all about who can better serve the client for the phase of life they enter.  Baby Boomers are intelligent, and they will work with whoever can serve them best.  Ask yourself, who is far better positioned to serve your needs?

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Chris Abts